Asian American History Curriculum

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While people of color as a whole are barely visible in the traditional narrative of American history, Asian Americans are perhaps the most ignored minority group in school curriculum. Below are resources available online, including lessons I have created myself to bring Asian/Asian American history into the classroom.  I have intentionally focused on works created by Asian American community members and scholars rather than more mainstream historical or teaching sources that often present an outsider view of ethnic histories.

Latino History Curriculum

Drawing from the work of Labbo & Field (1999) and Dr. Cinthia Salinas, each semester my undergraduate students compose journey boxes about Latino people, places, and events that are not included in the curriculum.  Here I have provided a space where their work can be shared with others who wish to include these traditionally omitted histories in the classroom.  Using a combination of primary sources, document-based questions and original narratives, my students created a collection of resources that allow children (and adults) to travel on a learning journey about a wide variety of topics. To provide learning opportunities for emergent bilinguals, the resources indicated with an asterisk are in both English and Spanish.

Recommended Children's Literature

I'm often asked for recommendations for children's literature. Each time this happens, I ask for specificity - what do you want to teach/focus on and who do you teach? What you teach happens in a particular context, so knowing who you're teaching and how you teach is just as important for me to understand before I can make any recommendations. 

Grad Student & Faculty Resources

So many aspects of life as a faculty member are not addressed in graduate school. As someone who has always subscribed to the notion that "sharing is caring" and who strives to "be who you needed when you were younger," this page is dedicated to resources that support graduate students and early career faculty in understanding the hidden curriculum of academia. Most of this advice is not mine, I've just curated a collection of resources and advice that I've found helpful.

A child cannot be taught by anyone who despises him, and a child cannot afford to be fooled.
- James Baldwin